Remotely Managed SG Smart EAS Antenna

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RMS - Remotely Managed System


What is RMS?

Why does it minimize maintenance cost?

The  maintenance  cost  of  an  EAS  system  highly  depends  on  the  number  of  events  or  issues  when  local  physical  diagnostics is needed. 

To minimize this spending  we  wirelessly interconnected  our antennas and set up a new server-based service thatallows  invisible  service  on EAS  antennas.

The  Remote  Management  System  (RMS) is a cloud-based  software  that  helps  service  technicians  to  solve  issues  that  otherwise  would  require  assistance  on  site.

Not only it offers immediate diagnostics services but a deep analysis can be  done  within   seconds   to   reveal   what   possible,problems cause repeating alarming events.

How does it work?

The antennas are wirelessly communicating  with  a  special  router  via  a secured   communicational channel. This gateway   unit   is   continuously sending data back and forth to the server.
There is no need for physical interaction with the antenna, the surveillance is uninterrupted. It is completely invisible for consumers and   convenient for customers and store staff. The solution can be integrated easily into existing EAS systems.


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