Fort Knox Universal Tablet Lock

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Why is Shopguard tablet secure stand called Fort Knox?

You may know, one of the most guarded places on Earth is called United States Bullion Depository, home of US gold reserves.
The building is hardcore, made of concrete-lined granite and reinforced by steel to help it withstand attacks, according to the U.S. Treasury.
The U.S. Treasury says Fort Knox is:

“equipped with the latest and most modern protective devices"

It hasn’t confirmed exactly what those devices are, but some say the vault grounds are surrounded by land mines and electric fences; machine guns go off when a laser is triggered, and a radar keeps watching over the area 24/7.

Well, Shopguard named its tablet and iPad security stands after Fort Knox as they are also designed to prevent devices from stealing against the most aggressive perpetrators. The enforced metal body and hardened steel bars are literally unbreakable. Yet, the buttons, ear phone and charging sockets are exposed and reachable for users, therefore this solution is ideal for retail stores, financial institutions or any similar areas where providing access to all device features are essential.

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Fort Knox
(United States Bullion Depository)

Fort Knox