SB-20 the solution that secures all

Posted by Shopsecurity 20/03/2018 0 Comment(s)

SB-20 is the second generation model of Shopguard’s Smart Base security tether products line.


When we say:

“SB-20 secures all devices in-store”

we mean it. 


Our modular device can be converted easily from phone or tablet tether into a smart watch, headphone, or speaker security alarm.

How does your store benefit of these features?


Firstly, you do not need multiple security solutions in-store to protect your merchandise.
Secondly,  your staff won't be confused with different security keys, fobs and complicated system settings as managing SB-20 alarm unit is as easy as pie, and most importantly, they can focus on sales.


Give it a try and call or mail us!

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