Mechanical Laptop Security Locking Device

Mechanical Laptop Security Locking Device

The Compucage R-8620 is the latest in Laptop protection. This alloy steel offers a robust, attractive, and stronger deterrence alternative than the old security slot system. Developed for the retail environment, the R-8620 allows Laptop to be completely cable-free. Non-intrusive to the display, it provides the security that has been trademarked by the Compucage line of products. The R-8620 allows easy mounting on store shelves or libraries. It’s available in 10”, 13”, 15”, 16 ½” and 19”. Standard sizes making it ideal for retail, hospital carts, universities and libraries as well.

  • Non cable design and installs in seconds
  • Various sizes for universal compatibility
  • Allows for the laptop to rotate or remain in a fixed position
  • Bolts down to a surface or mounts on a R 8620 track
  • Made from hardened, tamper resistant components

  • Product Code: R8620
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $ CAD121.00


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