Laptop Security

Laptop Security

Laptops are the computers most at risk in stores. Thanks to the rapid change in technology, laptops are now smaller and lighter, further increasing this risk. 

It is easier for shoplifters to steal small merchandise, such as display products. On the other hand, customers want to be able to hold these products and have a thorough look at them.

Using our solutions, you can allow your customers to lift the laptops and hold them in their hands while your display products remain perfectly secured.

Choose from basic (a combination of security sensors attached to the product) to sophisticated (PC Guard, laptop on a leash) solutions providing effective protection for your display laptops. 

Accessories won’t remain unprotected: Using our portabbe  Master4 or Mini Central , you can also secure peripheral devices.

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Master 2 PC Guard Alarm Unit

Master2 is an economical, portable, and versatile solution that electronically secures merchandise b..

$ CAD67.00

Mechanical Laptop Security Locking Device

The Compucage R-8620 is the latest in Laptop protection. This alloy steel offers a robust, attractiv..

$ CAD121.00

Compucage Benji2 Laptop Anti-theft Security Lock

A strong visual deterrent that discourages opportunist thieves. Does not block off access to the por..

$ CAD115.00

Compucage Spyder-30 Mechanical Laptop Anti-theft Security Device

The Compucage Spyder is spinning the new web in computer security. It is designed to lock your lapto..

$ CAD110.00