Master 2 PC Guard Alarm Unit

Master 2  PC Guard Alarm Unit

Master2 is an economical, portable, and versatile solution that electronically secures merchandise by connecting any two devices from Shopguard’s merchandising security product range.

Areas of use:

Master 2 is Secure your Laptops

PCGuard is an advanced version of the Master2, especially designed to prevent laptops from being stolen. PCGuard integrates an RF and an AM EAS tag and uses an electronic/mechanical cable for physical/electronic security.
All you need to do is to stick the PCG onto the back of the laptop screen and create a cable loop through the furniture or any other stable parts. Both ends of the cable are plugged into the PCG, creating a loop alarm. The RF/AM tag combination triggers the EAS antenna if the stolen laptop is leaving the store.

  • “Out- of- the- box” solution.
  • Easy to install, easy to operate.
  • Needs no modification to furniture.
  • Minimal power consumption, maximum efficiency.
  • Operated by long-lasting Li-Ion battery
  • Battery life under normal operating conditions: min 1 year
  • Internal alarm
  • iButton control keys
  • Compact design
  • PCGuard => built-in RF or AM label to provide extra protection
  • PCGuard => Available with electronic/mechanical security cable loop

General consumer electronics

Master2 is a battery operated, two-port control unit to protect high-risk merchandise such as  Blueray/DVD, Players, Digital Frames, PC Speakers, Power Tools, and more.

Product Details
Product Color Black
Main Features
Operating Mode Battery Driven
Additional Features Built-In RF or AM Tag ; Laptop Protection & Mini Central in 1
  • $ CAD67.00


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