Privacy Policy

Data protection

  1. Protection of the personal data provided by you is of key importance for Shopguard. Any data provided to Shopguard through the internet shall be protected as if those data were otherwise made available.
  2. Shopguard Ltd. shall treat any personal data made available during the use of any websites in accordance with the current legislative provisions – on the protection of personal data and the disclosure of information of public interest.
  3. In case you provide any of your personal data, of your own free will, to Shopguard Ltd., you agree that Shopguard may register and treat such data for the purposes and for a duration required for the type of the transaction

Data recording

  • It is not required to provide your personal data for the purpose of browsing this website.
  • Shopguard will provisionally use the following automatically generated information – not containing personal data – for the purposes of technical operation of the website:
  • internet protocol address of the computer (IP-address),
  • domain-name (URL),
  • access data,
  • inquiry of client file (file name and URL),
  • HTTP reply code,
  • data of website from where inquiry is made,
  • quantity of bytes used during the visit,
  • date of the visit,
  • data of pages visited, or
  • name of the used browser.
  • In some cases anonym cookies may also be used in order to optimize the website according to user’s preference.

Use and transmission of data

  • In case Shopguard intends to use the data provided by you for purposes other than the purpose of original data recording, Shopguard shall notify the data subject thereof, and obtain his/her prior consent thereto, and afford an opportunity for him/her to cancel such consent at any time thereafter.
  • Shopguard will not transmit any personal data to any third person, unless such transmission is provided for by legislative provisions, without the prior consent of the data subject thereto.
  • Shopguard shall be entitled to use data and information provided by you for purposes including but not limited to purposes listed below:
  •     market research, market analysis,
  •     analysis of customers’ habits,
  •     compilation of statistics of visitors,
  •     provision of information about new products and services,
  •     management of customers’ complaints,
  •     management of orders.


  • Shopguard shall treat any information about the person, personal data and business relations with Shopguard of its customers, partners and other clients as confidential information. No release can be given from the obligation of management of confidential information other than by the data subject.

Security of data processing

In order to avoid unauthorized use of personal data managed by Shopguard and to avoid misuse of such data, our company has taken comprehensive technical and operational safety measures. Our safety procedures have regularly been controlled and improved in harmony with technological development.


Upon your written request Shopguard shall inform you on the management of your personal data.