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Mini Recoiler for phones, remote controllers & accessories

SG Mini Recoiler from Shopguard Canada is an ideal choice if you are looking for a mechanical retr..

$ CAD9.95

SG Flexible iPad and Tablet Enclosure

SG Universal Tablet Enclosure with flexible arm can be mounted on countertops, walls, merchandising ..

$ CAD169.00

Tool Kit

The kit includes: 2 x 4W Recoilers 2 x 4W Sensors25 Replacement Adhesive 2  USB-C Charge L..

$ CAD415.00

Deactivation Chassis

Deactivation Chassis for 8,2 MHz paper labels. Compatible with any RF antenna systems ..

$ CAD395.00

Drinkspector Bottle Tag - 100 pack

Drinkspector™ protects branded quality drinks placed on the shelf in a self-service environment. U..

$ CAD221.00

Mini Central with 20 cm SPIRAL Micro Sensor

Shopguard’s Mini Centrals (MC) are portable, versatile and economical solutions. They are easy and ..

$ CAD69.00

Mini central with 50cm STRAIGHT Micro Sensor

Shopguard’s Mini Centrals (MC) are portable, versatile and economical solutions. They are easy an..

$ CAD69.00

Peg Stop Lock - 500 pack

The Peg Lock can be attached to a retail hook and with an easy click, you can manage how many mercha..

$ CAD159.00

SG Fort Knox Security Display for Phones

With the rapid pace of innovations in consumer electronics and information technology, industries ar..

$ CAD253.00

SG Portable People Counter

Shopguard’s portable, battery driven people counters are ideal solutions for single shops and retail..

$ CAD395.00

SG Universal Tablet and iPad Table Top Stand

SG Tablet Enclosurecan be mounted on counter tops, walls, merchandising displays and accommodates a ..

$ CAD120.00

Shopguard Optotag 1000-pack

Shopguard Optotag helps you to protect your high value eyeware. Available for 8.2 MHz (RF) or 58KHz ..

$ CAD890.00

Shopguard RF Barcode Label 40 x 40 mm 2,000-ROLL

The most popular 40x40mm paper thin bar-code imprinted labels are used to protect any non-metal surf..

$ CAD78.00

Deactivation Pad

Deactivation Pad for Shopguard deactivation chassis. Compatible with all 8.2 MHz RF paper label..

$ CAD95.00

Security Hook

Security hooks are designed to protect you high value merchandise. There are multiple hook versions ..

Price - Contact US

SG Secure Wall Mount Tablet and iPad Enclosure

The Wall-Mount Secure Tablet Enclosure is perfect choice if you need an economical solution for tabl..

$ CAD99.00

SG Universal iPad and Tablet Floor Stand

The Floor-standing Tablet Kiosk is the ideal solution for any public area. The most economical way t..

$ CAD189.00

Hard Tag Detacher -14%

Hard Tag Detacher

Detacher magnet for 8,2 MHz security hard tags such as Mini Square RF Tag, Shopguard Round Tag or an..

$ CAD80.00 $ CAD69.00

Mini Tag RF 8.2 Mhz Black w/ Pins 100-pack -7%

Mini Tag RF 8.2 Mhz Black w/ Pins 100-pack

The Mini Hard Tag is one of the most popular RF security tags and are used mainly in apparel stores...

$ CAD42.00 $ CAD39.00

Opener for Peg Stop Lock

Magnetic opener for retail security Peg Stop Lock.   ..

$ CAD25.00